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SD-WAN and IoT Consulting

Capitalize on IoT Technology and Solutions

SD-WAN infrastructure provides multiple connectivity solutions through the aggregation of networks like 4G LTE, 5G and Broadband consistently achieving 99.99% uptime. SD-WAN can enable sensor deployment as well as data monitoring and integration.

IoT uses a combination of embedded software and sensors to communicate, collect and exchange data with one another. IoT combines connectivity with sensors, devices and people, enabling a form of free-flowing conversation between users and machine, software and hardware.

The ease and simplicity of IoT deployments, improved security of devices, and greater control over traffic control management through SD-WAN allows organizations to endlessly scale their IoT deployments. Gartner predicts more than 15 billion IoT devices by 2029.

Offering a virtually endless array of opportunities and connections at home, at work or at play.

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Unify your data at the edge by securely and seamlessly integrating all your apps and infrastructure. Securely access your data wherever it lives, eliminating migration headaches. Go from edge to cloud with the flexibility to scale when you need.

A modern digital platform that brings together leading-practice manufacturing process intellectual property with shop-floor analytics and improvement apps.

The ability to achieve improved service levels and savings across labor, maintenance, energy, yield loss, rework, warranty and overhead costs, and working capital, enabled by IoT.

Efficient Collection of Real-Time Data from Complex Sensor Networks

Sensor Captures Data From The Edge

Using cellular networks to transfer data between sensors and IT infrastructure is not a cost-effective proposition. The use of Edge devices can improve efficiency and provide significant cost advantages. 

IoT Services Portfolio

IoT Consulting

  • Sensor Selection
  • IoT Transformation Workshops
  • E2E Device Development
  • IoT Security

DIN Assets

  • X-IoT Data Platform
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Indoor & Outdoor Tracking
  • Digital Twin

Data Analytics

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Sensor Network Optimization
  • Enterprises Integration
  • Vertical Applications Development

SD-WAN and IoT Consulting

IoT Solutions Require Security, Privacy, Safety, Reliability and Resilience.